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Quote For The Day
The farther behind I leave the past, the closer I am to forging my own character~Isabelle Eberhardt

Putting the good in goodies…Looking for a religious alternative to traditional Halloween candy? Beliefnet's panel of experts spent hours tasting and analysing several spiritually-minded sweets, so you don't have to. Once you pop, you can't stop. These scripture-wrapped mints are downright addictive. Not too minty, yet soft enough to melt in your mouth. According to the maker, these mints were created to turn a pagan holiday into something to glorify God.

Simply dial 1-800-FREE411 and get the listing you need for free. It’s just like 411, only better because it doesn’t cost anything. Want to look online? No problem. At Free411.com, you’ll get the most accurate residential and business listings on the Web. That’s because we use the same real-time data as the phone companies.

Just two centuries ago, the world lacked a single geologic map. The chronology of the planet's history was unknown and effectively invisible to people, despite the evidence of rock layers at cliffs and canyons. Theological maps of the world then depicted such biblical concepts as the Garden of Eden. Some people believed that mountains grew organically like trees. The study of nature and rocks was a novelty. Thinkers in the early 1800s disagreed over the age of the earth, with some standing by Bible-based estimates of 6,000 years old. Then along came the map that changed the world.

Welcome to the bizarre and fantastical world of Ray Caesar with his mesmerizing digital paintings. He creates fantastic, grimly hopeful and gravely whimsical images of wizened children who radiate an enigmatic serenity.

Will destabilizing the polarity of the impulse drive remodulate the frequency of the Heuseberg compensator, Sir?

Whatever kind of bacon you like or whatever way you plan on cooking your bacon, we are sure that you will find something here at RateTheBacon to help you in your unequalled quest for the best bacon in the world.

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