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the meeting 
rmurrey Barack Obama
the meeting -381 views
rmurrey winston Churchill
churchill -279 views
Ms. Obama
Obama Disasterman111
Ms. Obama-572 views
Obama President 
Obama barack President mundo
Obama President -5284 views
Abe Lincoln with cool shades 
Mundo Abe Lincoln shades glasses
Abe Lincoln with cool shades -4346 views
Al Gore undressed 
al gore pregnant woman mundo picture politician
Al Gore undressed -4416 views
Al Gore x-ray 
al gore x-ray politician medical mundo
Al Gore x-ray -3743 views
Al Gore 
Mundo Al Gore bike
Al Gore -3367 views
Weird Al Gore 
Al Gore weird mundo
Weird Al Gore -3164 views
Al Sharpton hasn't had a wash for 60 years and smokes animal faeces
Al Sharpton hasn't had a wash for 60 years and smokes animal faeces -46 views
A Rumsfeld Nap 
nap rumsfeld defence polititian politics usa america picture sleep nod mundo
A Rumsfeld Nap -2931 views
Laura and Condoleezza 
laura bush condoleezza rice politicians dance dancers happy ballet pelican
Laura and Condoleezza -2824 views
Vote for me 
Obama barack  President mundo
Vote for me -3571 views
Barack Obama 
Mundo Barack Obama old beard
Barack Obama -3385 views
Barack Obama Underwear 
Barack Obama underwear mundo
Barack Obama Underwear -3849 views
Bearded Condi Rice 
Bearded Condi mundo beard rice picture condoleeza
Bearded Condi Rice -2619 views
Beautiful Politician Babies 
arnold schwarzenegger hillary clinton george republican picture bush babies jules usa american politician
Beautiful Politician Babies -2464 views
Bigfoot Obama
barack Obama bigfoot Disasterman111
Bigfoot Obama-326 views
Big Johnny McCain
john McCain gay Disasterman111
Big Johnny McCain-344 views
Big Momma Kofi Annan 
Big Momma Kofi mundo annan woman picture grandma drag shemale
Big Momma Kofi Annan -2475 views
Bill Clinton And his Biker buddies 
Bill william clinton president picture eltrut biker
Bill Clinton And his Biker buddies -3225 views
Billy The Exterminator with Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin tied up Disasterman111
Billy The Exterminator with Sarah Palin-357 views
Bill Clinton 
Mundo bill clinton woman
Bill Clinton -306 views
Bill Clintons Mustache 
Mundo Bill Clintons Mustache
Bill Clintons Mustache -2474 views
Bin Ladens Plastic Surgery 
Mundo Bin Ladens Plastic Surgery mr bean osama
Bin Ladens Plastic Surgery -2358 views
Osama Bin Laden Relaxing 
Mundo Bin Laden Relaxing smoking
Osama Bin Laden Relaxing -2343 views
BinLadens Cave 
Mundo Bin Ladens Cave osama
BinLadens Cave -2700 views
Bin Laden at the Border 
Mundo Bin Laden Border osama
Bin Laden at the Border -2086 views
Osama Bin Laden Ghoul 
Osama Ghoul mundo zombie gross picture dead bin laden
Osama Bin Laden Ghoul -2376 views
Tony Blair Hitman 
tony blair gun hit man jules britain british picture UK politician
Tony Blair Hitman -2319 views
Political Blues Brothers 
bush cheney republican blues brothers jules usa picture american politician president elect
Political Blues Brothers -1775 views
Boxing Champ Sarkozy 
Boxing Champ Sarkozy Mundo
Boxing Champ Sarkozy -425 views
Classic Bush and Cheney 
Mundo Bush and Cheney goerge dick
Classic Bush and Cheney -2008 views
Bush and Mini Jong 
Bush and Mini Jong Mundo
Bush and Mini Jong -497 views
Bush Cheney Merge 
george bush dick cheney mixed jules usa picture american politician republican
Bush Cheney Merge -1757 views
Californian Condor 
california polititian arnold schwarzenegger eltrut picture bird condor
Californian Condor -1832 views
Caught at last 
Caught at last Mundo
Caught at last -422 views
Time for a Change!
barack Obama democrat pants Disasterman111
Time for a Change!-248 views
Happy Easter Cheney Bunny 
dick cheney baseball bat eltrut bunny easter picture season holiday
Happy Easter Cheney Bunny -2130 views
Dick Cheneys Hair
dick cheney polititian politics strange hairdo picture mundo
Dick Cheneys Hair-1644 views
Dick Cheney New Glasses
dick cheney glasses optic polititian us america picture mundo
Dick Cheney New Glasses-1574 views
Chief Dick Cheney
Chief Cheney mundo dick indian picture
Chief Dick Cheney-1331 views
Chief Karl Rove 
Mundo Chief Karl Rove
Chief Karl Rove -1136 views
Chinese Abe Lincoln
chinese abe lincoln mundo president america usa asian politician
Chinese Abe Lincoln-1254 views
Chinese Kofi Annan
Chinese Kofi mundo annan UN united nations
Chinese Kofi Annan-1070 views
Clinton and Hilton 
Bill Clinton Paris Hilton Funny Vidcanon
Clinton and Hilton -1415 views
Captain Lincoln 
Mundo Captain Lincoln abraham
Captain Lincoln -1170 views
Condi Lice Rice
Condi Lice mundo rice chinese
Condi Lice Rice-1296 views
Condi Rice
condoleeza rice condi hair nest bird jules usa american picture politician
Condi Rice-2511 views
Condi Rice the Waitress
condi rice mundo politician woman political republican
Condi Rice the Waitress-1330 views
Condoleezza Rice Twice
condoleezza rice politician makeover twice plastic surgery picture v1nc3nt
Condoleezza Rice Twice-2576 views
Cool Shades 
Mundo Cool Shades abraham lincoln
Cool Shades -1399 views
Cowboy Vlad Putin
vlad vladimir putin cowboy jules russia russian picture politician
Cowboy Vlad Putin-1205 views
Crashdown for Kerry
crash down super hero kerry john silly jules
Crashdown for Kerry-1806 views
Vote for the Darkside
Vote for the Darkside mundo president star wars picture
Vote for the Darkside-1044 views
Howard Dean For Xanax
howard dean polititian usa america xanax drugs picture eltrut
Howard Dean For Xanax-982 views
Depressed John Kerry
john kerry painting depressed jules van gogh usa american picture politician
Depressed John Kerry-893 views
Dick Cheneys New Do
dick cheney long hair jules usa american picture politician
Dick Cheneys New Do-963 views
Dick Cheney Mutated
Dick Cheney mundo mutation mutated gross politician picture republican
Dick Cheney Mutated-1420 views
Dick Cheneys Day Off
dick cheney smoke hat sun relax silly jules picture politician
Dick Cheneys Day Off-910 views
Doris Cheney
dick cheney woman politician republican drag jules
Doris Cheney-1003 views
Doritos and Big O 
Doritos and Big O Mundo
Doritos and Big O -341 views
Election Makeover
goerge bush dick cheney jules usa american picture politician
Election Makeover-1038 views
Elvis Impersonator Chirac
jacques chirac  france elvis impersonator jules presley french politician picture
Elvis Impersonator Chirac-1913 views
Evel Knievel Kennedy 
Evel Knievel Kennedy Mundo
Evel Knievel Kennedy -237 views
The First Lady
The First Lady mundo laura bush asleep computer laptop tired picture
The First Lady-1138 views
Floating Around
john kerry john edwards space floating gravity usa american election jules politician picture
Floating Around-1004 views
frankenstein john kerry halloween scary monster costume jules
Frankenkerry-972 views
Freaky Cheney
dick cheney freaky evil horns devil halloween scary jules
Freaky Cheney-1205 views
From Russia With Love
vladimir putin russia politician kellie female bride cross dresser transvestite ussr
From Russia With Love-1632 views
Gaddafi woman Mundo
Gaddafi -263 views
General Obama small 
General Obama Mundo
General Obama small -405 views
George and Kofi scuba diving
George and Kofi scuba diving mundo annan bush w under water fish picture
George and Kofi scuba diving-881 views
Getting all fixed up 
Getting all fixed up Mundo
Getting all fixed up -242 views
Globetrotter Obama 
Globetrotter Obama Mundo
Globetrotter Obama -312 views
Rudolph Giuliani   in Drag
Rudolph Giuliani rudi mundo dame edna drag woman politician picture
Rudolph Giuliani in Drag-1115 views
Hairless John Kerry
john kerry bald democrat usa american jules politician picture
Hairless John Kerry-1073 views
Happy St. Pats Day from Mr. John McCain 
Happy St. Pats Day Mr. John McCain Mundo
Happy St. Pats Day from Mr. John McCain -605 views
Johns new job
john howard insect mutant elephant ozplasmic
Johns new job-983 views
Pope Howard Dean
howard dean politics politician religion catholic pope painting art kellie picture
Pope Howard Dean-830 views
Jacques Chirac Holy Man
jacques chirac hindu holy man religion buddha monk politics kellie politician picture
Jacques Chirac Holy Man-850 views
Jarack Obiden 
BoggleBoy face swap politician Barack Obama Joe Biden
Jarack Obiden -934 views
Jedi Abe Lincoln
jedi abe mundo abraham lincoln politician star wars
Jedi Abe Lincoln-938 views
Jimmy Carter Golfing
jimmy carter golf usa american jules politician old president picture
Jimmy Carter Golfing-990 views
Jimmy Carter Santa
Jimmy Carter Santa christmas xmas knee jules
Jimmy Carter Santa-791 views
Joe Biden 
Joe Biden Mundo
Joe Biden -271 views
John Kerry Bum
John Kerry stressed smoking jules usa american politician picture
John Kerry Bum-812 views
John Kerry as Spock
john kerry spock mundo star trek politician
John Kerry as Spock-894 views
John McCain The Big River Man 
John McCain The Big River Man Mundo
John McCain The Big River Man -272 views
Jolly Dick Cheney 
Mundo Jolly Dick Cheney pirate
Jolly Dick Cheney -677 views
If I had a hammer.... 
McCain  Pinhead ROSCOEMAN
If I had a hammer.... -629 views
Kid Gallahad
kid gallahad elvis kerry john movie boxing jules
Kid Gallahad-723 views
Kim Jong 
Kim Jong Mundo
Kim Jong -246 views
Kofi Annan Muscles
kofi polititian mundo picture muscles strong annan
Kofi Annan Muscles-1203 views
Kofi Annan Mugshot
kofi mugshot politician mundo
Kofi Annan Mugshot-862 views
Kofi Annan Rapper
kofi annan rapper microphone united nations jules picture
Kofi Annan Rapper-1139 views
Osama Bin Laden & Girlfriend
bin laden terrorist camel girl friend animal mundo picture
Osama Bin Laden & Girlfriend-2492 views
Last known photo of Bin Laden 
Mundo Bin Laden silly osama
Last known photo of Bin Laden -1075 views
Leatherhead Reagan CP 
Leatherhead Reagan Mundo
Leatherhead Reagan CP -174 views
Lincoln Pilot 
Lincoln Pilot Mundo
Lincoln Pilot -184 views
Lincoln Airlines
abraham lincoln politician train mundo
Lincoln Airlines-792 views
Baldy Lincoln 
Baldy Lincoln Mundo
Baldy Lincoln -172 views
Little Duck Dick 2 
Little Duck Dick  Mundo
Little Duck Dick 2 -220 views
Little Hillary 
Little Hillary Mundo
Little Hillary -190 views
Little John McCain 
Little John McCain Mundo
Little John McCain -199 views
Little Kim Jong II enjoying the view 
Little Kim Jong II enjoying the view Mundo
Little Kim Jong II enjoying the view -339 views
Little Osama
little Osama Bin Laden Disasterman111
Little Osama-203 views
Little Pelosi 
Little Pelosi Mundo
Little Pelosi -226 views
Little Richard Nixon 
Mundo Little Richard Nixon
Little Richard Nixon -1122 views
The Macho Cabinet
bush macho polititian republican usa america president elect cabinet mundo picture
The Macho Cabinet-1079 views
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  Mundo
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -339 views
Master and Commander small 
Master and Commander Mundo
Master and Commander small -408 views
john McCain sarah Palin face swap funny FrozenBarbie
McCain -1284 views
Mean Dude 2 
Mean Dude Mundo
Mean Dude 2 -217 views
Micheal Chertoff
Micheal Chertoff mundo mug shot
Micheal Chertoff-762 views
Michael Chertoff 
Mundo Michael Chertoff
Michael Chertoff -689 views
Michelle Obama 
Michelle Obama   Mundo
Michelle Obama -321 views
Mike '08 
linon mike huckabee president candidate
Mike '08 -671 views
Mike and George
Michael moore george bush star wars american usa jules picture
Mike and George-948 views
The Devils Rejects 
The Devils Rejects condi rice george bush dick cheney mundo
The Devils Rejects -739 views
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