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Why It's Here

Over the past few years I have been accumilating bookmarks, software programs and information that I use to make websites and decided to try and put some of them together in a little site sub-section including the information and tools I find the most useful and helpful.

It goes agaist all common sense SEO laws to put this section in a folder on a Photoshop site, but this is where we wanted to put it.

Who Am I?

My name is Jules and I live in Adelaide Australia. I have been roaming around the Internet since about 1997.
(if you don't count the couple of years where I used to log in to local Bulletin Boards to download programs and games before the "World Wide Web" was readily available....back when everyone knew how to use MS-DOS commands because half your programs wouldn't run in Windows 3.1 as they would use up too much memory...but I digress)

I have a few websites including the hobby site I made late in 2006 - Photoshop Pix (where this site sub-section resides.)

I run this site with my friend and fellow "Photoshop Junkie" Kellie who lives in Perth, Western Australia.

I am a qualified teacher by trade, currently working as a nanny for two lovely families. (which is my source of exercise and it keeps me from being on the computer 24/7)

Here's one of the little tykes I look after :)

When I'm not running around after kids or in front of the computer I'm outside enjoying the Adelaide Hills countryside where I'm lucky enough to live.

You can contact either Kellie or myself from the link below:

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