Paint Shop Pro

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI combines automatic photo fixes, precision editing controls and a built-in photo organizer, making it the easiest way to get
professional-looking photos, fast!

Paint Shop Pro

paint shop pro box Paint Shop Pro offers more than 95% of the features found in expensive commercial rivals like Adobe Photoshop, it includes a ton of its own unique features with a great-looking interface and an excellent online help system.

Paint Shop Pro's greatest strength is in its editing features. This program offers most of the features you can find in professional editing software but for a much lower price. Paint Shop Pro has one feature that home users will like. Enhance Photo automatically "fixes" your image's color, lighting and focus. If you don't like what the computer does for you, you'll need to manually adjust these settings.

Paint Shop Pro has some professional output features, including image slicing for html. It also has a JPG, GIF, and PNG optimizer for web graphics. You can even save your files in 50 different formats.

Animation Shop

animation shop box Making animations has been increasingly popular as a means of advertising products on the web.

Animations don't have to be all business. Just look at Youtube and see the animations that people are creating. With Animation Shop you too can create awesome animations for both business and pleasure.

Animation Shop has high-quality easy-to-use creative effects, features, and optimization options for Web graphic designers of every level.

Whether used as a standalone application or as a complement to Paint Shop Pro, Animation Shop gives you the ability to easily create buttons, banners, and other cool animations.

Quickly create new and fun animations and banners with step-by-step wizards
Create animations with professional-quality effects and transitions
Easily optimize and save an animation for any destination, including the Web

It is an affordable program that is easy to use & full of features.

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