Since 1998 Everaldo Coelho has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, doing from general illustrations, comics and child books to corporate design and many
other creative areas.

Currently, he is the art director at Yellowicon Studio.

Everaldo and the Yellow Icon Staff have sets of free community icons available for private and non commercial use.

They are brilliant icons and are used across the world on thousands of websites.

Crystal Clear

The Crystal Clear icon set by Everaldo is a simple yet beautiful set of over 1000 icons in 6 different sizes all in .png format.

Star Wars

The Star Wars icon set by Everaldo has 17 icons in 6 different sizes all in .png format.

More Free icons

Here you can find the above icons and a few more free sets as well by Everaldo and the team at Yellow Icon.

The Icon Base

Icons are a very important part of the user interface and are essential for the success of your company.
The Yellow Icon Studio's Icon Base brings to your company high quality icon design ready for consumption.

Here you can find some stunning icons for purchase.
You can use the icons in virtually any size, any media including manuals, printed material and the web.

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