Spam Arrest

Spam ArrestEmail spam is one of the most annoying things on the internet and almost impossible to avoid.

Products such as Spam Arrest however, enable people to stamp out unwanted emails easily using an easy to set up program.

Inbox full of junk!

I'm sure there are VERY few people out there that haven't had to contend with the huge amount of junk mail in their in boxes.

You can set up filters in your webmail settings, this can curb the problem somewhat, but, somehow you still seem to get an awful lot of unwanted SPAM.

What's more, if you have your filter settings going "full tilt", sometimes legitimate mail falls prey to the junk filter.

What does Spam Arrest do?

Spam Arrest allows you to setup who you want mail from, and anything that's not on the list doesn't get through unless the mailer can prove that they are a real person....simple.

A LOT of the spam emails these days are created by automated systems (spambots).

When you use Spam Arrest, before the email gets to your inbox, the sender (if they haven't been cleared before or are not on your list) has to type in a "graphical word" to prove that they are not another spambot. (there is also a "sound file" for people who are visually impaired)

It takes only a few seconds for the mailer to type in the appropriate word, then they are added to your safe list and never have to do it again.

Spam Arrest also allows you to include 5 email accounts to protect (even Hotmail and AOL)

Website owners will benefit from this tool

Having email addresses on your website creates a way where people can add you to mailing lists, whether you want to be added or not. (Usually the latter!)

There are some tips to stop your email addresses being "harvested" by the "bots" used by email spammers:
  • Use feedback forms instead of email for site contact with your visitors
  • Write your email address so it's not in a way that bots can use (eg "fred at freds-place dot com")
  • Use an email encoding tool

Or use Spam Arrest, which allows you to keep your email address looking professional on your website.

I have emailed people at various websites recently and have seen Spam Arrest in action on numerous occasions.

Other email spam protectors

There is also a free software program called SpamAssassin.

SpamAssassin is a mail filter which attempts to identify spam using a variety of mechanisms including text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases.

SpamAssassin typically differentiates successfully between spam and non-spam in between 95% and 100% of cases, depending on what kind of mail you get and your training of its filter.


Email Encoder

You can find an online email encoder here: SyronexAnti Spam

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