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RegCure is a registry cleaning program that scans and repairs your computers registry.

This optimizes your computer making it run faster and reduce errors which can cause program malfunctions and computer crashes.

What is the registry?

The registry is a database that stores information necessary to configure the system for your computers users, applications, and hardware devices.

Why does it need to be cleaned?

Every time you install software on your computer, change a system setting, delete a program, all the changes are kept in the registry.

Over time, your registry grows, however, it also can end up fragmented and full of unwanted registry items.

These unwanted items occur by removing attributes of programs or deleting programs you no longer want without using the Add or Remove Programs function.

Some programs do not always come with proper uninstall programs, so you are only able to delete a portion of the program. Or possibly you have moved a file, and now the program that used this file is unable to find it or it's an orphan file left over from an unsuccessful attempt to delete a program completely.

In short, over time you end up with numerous misplaced files and objects which your computer can not process, this can slow your computer considerably, make start-up take forever and sometimes cause errors that will "crash" your computer.


How can you fix this problem?

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RegCure is extremely easy to use.
Once downloaded start RegCure and it scans your registry for all the lost and misplaced items that are no longer in use and deletes or repairs them.

RegCure also offers full backup and restore functions, so you can revert back to your previous configuration if needed. If you scan your registry regularly with RegCure your computer will stop accumulating fragmented information giving you a faster computer with minimal errors.

Scan your registry free

When I first cleaned my registry I was horrified at the amount of orphaned files that were sitting in my system.

I was also amazed at the improved speed and performance once these invalid entries were repaired.

To scan your registry for free click here.

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